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Testimonial 2014

Gus in mum+39s armsUp until mid last year I was the owner of two adult cavaliers, Buddy and Rosie.   Buddy passed away at 10 ½ but Rosie is still going strong at nearly 13

I knew sooner or later I would welcome another cavie into our home and have recently bought a beautiful tricolor boy we named Gus.

In the past I treated my dogs like babies and basically gave them the run of the house, with a doggie door and their own private spot on the couch and even at times on my bed!  What I learnt from treating my dogs like that was they had no respect for me as I let them make all their own decisions. ie - When they wanted to go outside, they didn’t ask, they just went!  They would jump on the couch whenever it pleased them.

I knew this time I wanted to create structure and respect so I started right from scratch and enrolled in puppy classes with Sonia which began the day after bringing Gus home.  I know it is my responsibility if I want to create a well mannered and well behaved dog and will do so by putting in the hard yards now, not just bringing a puppy home and letting it run riot while it’s a puppy because ‘he’s so cute!’.

Gus is coming along nicely.  We have completed puppy classes, where he learnt to socialize with other puppies and will now soon be going to Juvenile classes where I will learn how to station him on a mat amongst other lessons.

Sonia is fantastic and very good at what she does.  She has a wealth of knowledge and an amazing understanding of dog behavior.  She goes that extra mile for you and is always available for advice long after the classes are finished. 

I highly recommend Sonia at ALL 4 PAWS she has helped and is still helping me immensely train Gus, so I know I will have a well behaved adult dog in the future.

Thank you Sonia



ShebaI had bought my beautiful puppy Sheba about three months before we met Sonia.  Sheba was overly excited and bounding with energy, that I had no idea how to handle. I was scared to walk her and take her out of the house. She stressed me out and frustrated me to no end. 

My partner has had a dog before and knew how to handle her and demand respect from her. I, on the other hand, had no idea.  Sonia came to visit us at home and I have learnt a lot about boundaries and tools to contain her jumping and overly excited energy. With out the guidance given by Sonia I fear I would have had to get give her away, as I'm pregnant with my first baby.  We utilise the crating technique and she really enjoys her alone time.  The slip collar purchased is fantastic for walks and she now knows not to jump on me at feed times.  She is now staying on her mat when inside.  It's great to relax with her around.  I haven't mastered controlling her around new people, but I look forward to booking into Sonia's adult classes to help with this issue.  From the wealth of knowledge Sonia has already provided, I know I can trust her with adult classes and mastering my puppies jumping.

Thank you Sonia for teaching me how to teach my girl some at home manners and we now enjoy our walks together.

Geelong West 

We had previously had a very compliant standard poodle.  Sadly, Jack was killed by a snake.  We decided to get another standard poodle and started the puppy routine again. 

Charlie was different, often stubborn and defiant. 

Charlie puppyFrustrated with our apparent lack of progress with Charlie, we contacted Sonia who spent considerable time on the phone discussing our issues, prior to coming to our home. 

She provided us with insights and strategies both through analysis of his behaviours and our responses, and in direct action that we implemented with Charlie.  Sonia commented that Charlie was one of the most stubborn dogs she had encountered.  It took her over 20 minutes to get Charlie to stay on his mat (no wonder we were having problems!).

We persisted and progressively, Charlie, while still an individual and quite different to Jack, is developing into a nice little man (who knows where his mat is and what it is for!).  At 5 months, he attended Sonia's obedience school which took him to another level.  We have been able to productively work with him more confidently and now see positive results from all efforts. 

During these times, Sonia has been available on the phone to guide and assist us when we have been challenged by Charlie’s behaviours.  The initial phone call to Sonia was the start of a great journey for all and we are glad that we made it!

Pete, Cathy and Charlie

Sonia came to our house for a home consultation for our 10 week old Koolie puppy, Cass in January 2013. My partner and I had grown up with dogs, but we had never been the enforcer of any kind of structure or training with our dogs when we were younger. Since then, I have had 6 years combined animal husbandry experience, including working with dogs and puppies. For someone who believed I was already well equipped for bringing a puppy into our home, I was amazingly impressed with the clarity and amount of knowledge Sonia was able to provide for us. She answered every question we had, she showed us techniques to deal with Cass' naughty puppy behaviour and gave us a structure to use with Cass to let her grow into a happy well-rounded dog. She provided us with an information pack at the conclusion of the consultation, that my partner and I now refer to as 'The Puppy Bible'!

What has impressed me more than anything however, has been in the last 5 weeks since the consult, Sonia has been a constant support to us, with any problem we have come across in that time. She has actively sought out updates on Cass' progress and been more than willing to help us every step of the way. Koolie's being a working dog breed, has come with a barrage of nipping, hyperactive puppy traits, that we now are readily equipped to deal with. Sonia truely has a passion for her work, and from the moment Sonia walked into our home, Cass' demeanour changed entirely. She certainly has a way with dogs, and Cass just absolutely loves visiting her. We can't thank Sonia enough for what she has done for our new little family, and we can't recommend her enough.

On behalf of Rich and I, Sonia, THANK YOU! :)

Ellen & Rich
Bell Post Hill

Buckley + Rosie

Sonia has helped us tremendously with our 2 puppies Rosie (Kelpie cross) and Buckley (Border Collie cross). They are a lot of work but the tips, advice and techniques Sonia imparted to us has made our lives and the puppies so much easier.
Buckley + Rosie deck

Rosie and Buckley are much more relaxed, responsive and most importantly well behaved and disciplined. We are a happier family with two great puppies. If you are considering getting a dog we highly recommend a consultation with Sonia she really has so much to offer. 

Thank you Sonia.

Maree, David and Dane


I had Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS out to help us with our 8 week old puppy Shadow, which has turned out to be the best thing that we could have done for our puppy and for us. We learnt so much from Sonia, and Shadow has become a well mannered dog.

We still have a long way to go with Shadow but now thanks to Sonia we now have the tools we need to bring our dog up to be well behaved. We were so impressed with the time and effort that Sonia put in, the passion Sonia has for her work is fantastic and we thank her so much for all her help. We have no hesitation in recommending ALL 4 PAWS to anyone and everyone, and we do.

Many thanks.

Donna and Blake