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Testimonial 2016

As previous dog owners, we had always trained the dogs ourselves.  Even though the dogs were well trained in many aspects there were a few important areas that we could not handle on our own.  One specifically was socialization.  We have had 3 Border Collies in the past, very smart,  learnt quickly but did not get on well with others.  We had no idea how to deal with this and tried a huge number of strategies that all failed. 

We were determined this time to get it right by seeking out professional help.  We contacted Sonia at ALL 4 PAWS for a puppy consult.  She came to our home for a 2 hour consult where she educated us on many aspects of dealing with a puppy, the importance of crating and many other tips and tricks that proved to be extremely helpful. 

Included in the 2 hour consult were a number of puppy socialization classes.  We took our puppy to her property once a week where 4 or 5 puppies of similar ages were introduced to each other and allowed to play naturally in a pen.  The only person in the pen was Sonia, guiding their behaviour with gentle corrections when required.  Occasionally she would invite her two larger older dogs to join the puppy play so the pups would get used to, and more importantly, learn how to behave around larger/adult dogs. We were invited to sit outside the pen as she pointed out various behaviours that were normal and more importantly how to adjust our own behaviours around a puppy or dog.  These lessons have been invaluable tools in training our pup.  

Our over energetic Border Collie is becoming a lovely, calmer yet still playful juvenile who is well socialized with other dogs.

Robyn & Allan 

We learned a lot from Sonia at the puppy consult when she came to our home to help us understand the best way to make our pup become a well adjusted dog. The sessions held at Socialisation have taught our puppy how to have fun and behave around other puppies.

We have had many dogs during our lives, but this is the first time we have found out what to do and not to do whilst our little puppy is growing into a well adjusted juvenile.

We're looking forward to juvenile classes to further our (and puppy's) education  from your expert tuition.  Thanks for all your help.

Wendy & Richard
Waurn Ponds

Sonia has a common sense approach to dogs &  puppies. She interacts really well  with the puppies and her lessons have given us a calmer happier puppy.  Crating works !!!

Looking forward to learning more in Juvenile classes.  


My wife and I had been considering getting a dog for our young family for a considerable period of time.  My wife and I both work, we have two primary school age daughters and two cats.  We did hours and hours of research on various dog breeds to try and find one that would fit with our lives and family.  In the end we decided that a spoodle would be the best match.  However, having never owned a dog before in combination with our busy lives meant that I was still very hesitant about proceeding down this path.  Then the day came; we found a breeder that had spoodles for sale. Knowing how quickly this breed of dog sells we had to make a definitive decision on whether to proceed with purchasing a puppy.  We put down a deposit but still had to wait a few weeks before the puppy (Lola) would be old enough to take home.

During the waiting period my wife and I madly scrambled to try and figure out what to do when we got Lola. We tried to seek answers to questions like, where would she sleep, do we have to get up to her overnight, how do we toilet train her, can we leave her home alone, what do we feed her etc? The more we looked online and spoke to other dog owners the more confused we became. In fact, I was having serious doubts about whether we were making the right decision in getting a dog. In the week prior to getting Lola, by sheer chance, my wife ran into an old friend at the local shops. They got onto the topic of dogs and during this conversation found out about Sonia’s business ‘ALL 4 PAWS’.  We found out that Sonia provided a consultation service where she would come out to your home to help teach you about how to best raise your puppy.

I called Sonia hoping to make an appointment for the same day we brought Lola home from the breeder.  Unfortunately, Sonia was away for a few days during this time however was incredibly understanding of our angst. In lieu of being able to come to our house on the same day, Sonia very generously provided me with a lot of her time talking me through what to do when we brought Lola home.  This advice was fantastic. Sonia was immediately able to allay our concerns about issues like sleeping and toileting plus a heap of other really valuable advice. This made us feel a lot more confident about what to do when we got Lola home.  Sonia’s support and advice has made the transition to dog owners really enjoyable.  Whilst Lola is still a young puppy and still learning it has not been stressful at all.  We love having Lola as part of our family and I can’t believe how quickly we have all bonded with her.

Without Sonia’s advice I know we would have made a heap of mistakes that would have made the transition much harder.

I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone who has any concerns or needs any advice about how to raise their puppy.

Chris and Kerryn   
Waurn Ponds

A friend of mine recommended Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS when I told her we were getting a puppy. I am so glad that we did the puppy consult and play sessions with Sonia. Coco was my first ever dog so I was nervous and unsure of training and caring for a puppy.  Even the advice Sonia gave me over the phone before we picked up Coco helped us settle her that first night. The puppy consult was fantastic and so helpful. I was wanting to crate train as I had heard good things from friends, who used this method, but my partner wasn't a fan of the idea.  After the puppy consult, he agreed to try crate training.  Five months on and I can honestly say both myself, and my partner, now swear by the methods Sonia has taught us, particularly crate training. Coco actually really likes having her own little 'den' to have her puppy time and rest undisturbed.

Puppy play sessions helped Coco develop socially through mixing with a range of puppies, dogs and people and I believe put her on the right path to a healthy social development.  It was also nice to have that weekly catch up with Sonia, and the other owners, to ask advice and training tips.

We found Sonia to be very approachable and friendly.  

Would highly recommend Sonia at ALL 4 PAWS to anyone seeking dog or puppy training.

Helen Garmaz
Hoppers Crossing

I first met Sonia at a puppy consult for Monty (cavalier x cocker-spaniel) when he was 10 weeks old.  I learned all about the pack mentality of dogs and the benefits of crate training.  Sonia made the sometimes confusing behaviour of puppies make sense.

We attended our first puppy play session today with Sonia.  The longer length of the session (1hr) was perfect for Monty as he took some time to warm up and start interacting with the other puppies.  During the play Sonia talked us through the different behaviours of the puppies and answered all of our questions.

Monty benefited greatly from this experience and we are looking forward to the next play session.  I also learned a lot from watching how Sonia interacted with the puppies.  It was great to see in action the skills I am just beginning to learn.

Sonia is professional and committed to her work as a trainer.  She has a firm yet calm approach and an obvious love of dogs.  Her follow up and interest in Monty's progress has been outstanding.  

I consider myself very fortunate to have Sonia as a guide through the ups and downs of life with a new pup.  Importantly, Monty will be able to live the well adjusted, happy life that he deserves.


Thank you so much for your puppy consult and guiding us through the process of crate training. We were slightly sceptical of how it would work. However, from  the moment we started using the crate properly, we had a puppy that slept through the night and was almost instantly toilet trained.  Thanks for providing Aria the opportunity to interact with other puppies which has been great for her to develop her social skills and become a confident puppy, even though she was a bit of a grump at the first puppy play session.

Thanks also for the goodie bag, Aria especially loves the frisbee. Overall, we have found the experience invaluable and couldn't really imagine raising our puppy any other way. 


Shaun, Rachael and Aria
Bacchus Marsh

Thank you to Sonia for all her knowledgeable advice and assistance since our puppy's arrival.  All services provided have been outstanding - from her home visit after bringing our pup home, to 6 weeks of puppy socialisation classes, to weekly/fortnightly play sessions, to numerous phone calls and texts. Sonia's advice and hands on approach to training has been invaluable as it has helped to calm one very boisterous and bossy Labrador.

Cannot recommend ALL 4 PAWS highly enough!


Lisa & Owen

First night home with our new puppy "Harry" he slept like a baby, night 2 I was up every 2hrs to crying & howling. This behaviour continued for a week until ALL 4 PAWS - Sonia came to our rescue.

Sonia came and did a 2hr puppy consult with the whole family which we found very beneficial. Sonia's advice and guidance helped us to establish boundaries and set routines for Harry. One of the things Sonia suggested was to crate Harry so he felt secure and was contained. The first night in his crate he slept right though and now 7 months on, he sleeps in his crate every night and he has rest periods in his crate from time-to-time as well. Best advice we ever received was to crate our dog and would highly recommend this to any puppy owner.

We attended puppy socialisation classes with Sonia which helped Harry immensely, I believe we got more out of these sessions than we did attending puppy class (elsewhere) where Harry sat under the chair for most of the 8 weeks. We also completed a 4 week Juvenile puppy class during which we learnt how to station Harry on his mat, Harry learnt some manners with waiting, sitting and staying. All the classes l have attended have been extremely beneficial to my learning and understanding of dogs and how they think and behave. One of Sonia's strong abitutries is her great understanding of dogs and their behaviours.

Harry attends doggy play sessions with ALL 4 PAWS where he gets to play and socialise with other dogs. He comes home exhausted from his play dates and the interaction he gets with the other dogs is so important. 

We highly recommend Sonia to anyone who requires help with their puppy or dog, from the first day you bring home your puppy through to each and every stage of your dogs growth Sonia is there to help. Sonia has been extremely helpful to us and Harry and continues to assist us and offers advice when we require it. Sonia is always happy to help. 

Williamson Family

When we decided to get a puppy, we knew we wanted to enlist the help of a good trainer to guide us in the right direction. We looked around a lot before we decided on ALL 4 PAWS.

Sonia came to our house for 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon & told us everything we could possibly need to know about raising a dog with structure. Not only that, she left us with all the information in a booklet & some awesome freebies for our puppy! Included in the cost of the consult was 4-6 weeks worth of 1 hour puppy socialisation classes - I had no idea these would be so valuable!

Sonia takes the time out of her weekend to run these on a Sunday & they have made such a difference in our little girl. She was hesitant at the start & hiding under our legs, but soon started to play. She was a bit rough at the start but by the fourth session she was playing beautifully with the other puppies. Now when we are out & she sees other dogs she doesn't bark or get startled even if they do, & she knows how to play gently. We have been so impressed with the value of what is offered, as well as Sonia's generosity with her time - she is available to chat if we ever have any questions!

We have already signed our puppy up to juvenile classes in a few weeks and we can't wait to get started.

Thanks Sonia for your huge efforts & for helping us bring up a well-tempered dog.


When I got my new puppy I was recommended by a couple of friends to go and see Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS, I’m so glad that I did!  Sonia came out to my house for a consultation and by the end, had set me on the right path with my dog Ruby. From the moment Sonia left my house I began implementing her invaluable advice on giving my puppy some structure and boundaries.

We also began Ruby with the Sunday puppy socialisation sessions run by Sonia. These sessions are a great opportunity to watch your puppy learn to play in a controlled environment. I’m totally impressed with how professional, knowledgable and caring Sonia is, and above all, her commitment in helping her clients.

If you are a new owner of a puppy, then I highly recommend that you get in touch with Sonia to help set you on the right path with your pup.

Thanks for all your help Sonia, Ruby is coming along in leaps and bounds and is a very settled pup.

Armstrong Creek

Loved having Sonia come out and start puppy training on our first day with Rex. Made crate training so much easier and having her at the end of the phone was a fantastic service. Rex loves coming to stay with Lincoln and Kiera and we're looking forward to some juvenile training sessions.

Barwon Heads

My partner and I purchased our first puppy 5 months ago, we were recommended to speak with Sonia for dog training through a number of people. 

Sonia met Louie on our second day which helped us to set up a good routine and structure at home from the beginning. 

We were introduced to crate training which was totally new to us but extremely effective and allowed us to give Louie the structure and routine he required.

We then attended puppy play which helped Louie to learn the rules of play with other pups and we were so happy to see him develop so much confidence. 

Sonia has a wealth of knowledge and has continued to support and provide us with the necessary training for Louie. 

After puppy play we attended Juvenile classes where Louie was able to learn stationing on a mat, wait, sit, and drop. 

We have both enjoyed attending classes and are looking forward to learning new things with Louie during our classes with Sonia.

We are extremely happy with our progress so far and highly recommend ALL 4 PAWS.


Tobias & Samantha

We have loved working with Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS.  The initial consult at home was fantastic and really showed us what we needed to do and provide for our puppy within it's new environment at home.  As well as the weekly puppy play to have our new puppy develop good social skills with other dogs, Sonia has kept up with regular communication checking on how we and our puppy are going, by providing professional advice when needed and giving us the confidence to handle any situation.  Sonia has been very patient, kind and willing to help us around every corner of this journey with our new little puppy.  We can't wait to start juvenile classes soon and see our little puppy progress with the guidance of Sonia at ALL 4 PAWS 

Warralily, Armstrong Creek 

We were so happy with your puppy consult and grateful that you offered us your service and knowledge to assist us in raising our puppy, in the best way possible.

Many thanks.

Marie & Bill
Norlane West

As a first time dog owner I naturally had 101 questions. Not only did Sonia take the time to come out to our home for a one-on-one puppy consult, she also provides an around the clock support for any question I have had, regardless of how silly. In a little under 2 months Cooper has gone from a hyperactive puppy who never stopped/sleeped(!!!) to a well mannered little fella who falls asleep in his crate within minutes of closing the door. I couldnt recommend ALL 4 PAWS enough, regardless of the age of your pooch!