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Testimonials 2017

We were given the opportunity last year to introduce two puppies into our home, Austin and Lola, (who are Golden Retrievers), they came home just before Christmas.

We had to have our boy put down in October and were still emotional about his passing. Sonia and I had spoken and she had asked if we were going to crate train, I was unfamiliar with the term. So this has been the start of much education and guidance.

Sonia came to our home the day after our puppies arrived and gave us a one on one lesson. I was introduced to the crate training method and a lot of dos and don’ts that go along with puppies in general.

I knew we had to all be on board and get this right as badly behaved puppies grow into badly behaved BIG dogs. I purchased my 2 large crates from Sonia and was guided by her as to using dividers in them whilst they are puppies.

We have attended puppy play each week at Sonia’s property so we can socialize our puppies in a friendly, controlled and safe environment. It has been invaluable to all the puppies and to see how they have all grown and developed.

Sonia is always available for advice and guidance, the smallest tip is often the one that means the most.  The class sizes are wonderful as if tiredness sets in there is time for a bit of time out. Whilst the play is happening you have the chance to ask Sonia questions and you can witness good and sometimes inappropriate behavior and know how to address it first hand by an experienced dog trainer.

We are looking forward to the next stage of Juvenile class where we will start to train our puppies and watch them develop even further.

I would highly recommend Sonia from All 4 Paws for any puppy /dog training you need.  To have continual guidance has made bringing home 2 fur babies so much more manageable and not as stressful as I first thought.

Thank you once again Sonia and keep up your amazing work.

Moira Quirke

I am so grateful that Sonia was recommended and introduced to our family. I know that I was so  lost as to what was needed to care for a puppy, that was until Sonia came along with so much advice and so knowledgeable and I instantly felt at ease that we were in the right hands.

Although we have had dogs before this time was different we wanted to make sure that our family was going to provide a safe and social environment with good foundations to start with for our new puppy and as we have 3 children we all needed to be consistent with the training that we provided our new puppy and Sonia provided us with the information we needed to make the best start on the future for our new family member.

Sonia has provided us with the right advice and guidance to starting to raise our puppy, there was no question that went unanswered and I felt like that I could message or call anytime and she was always willing to help. The play session provided our little Louie with a chance to learn how to play with other puppies in a controlled and supervised environment. I love seeing that all the puppies grow each week at the play session and they just love playing together.

I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone that was seeking any advice on dogs of all age’s not just puppies.

Jade Scarlett