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Dog Walking

I would highly recommend Sonia at ALL4PAWS.  Ralph + Lily  I have an 11 year old Lab/Kelpie Cross who had developed some very bad habits whilst out walking and reacted to dogs at fences.  Then we have Ralph, another Lab/Kelpie cross, who is almost 2 now but at the time of meeting Sonia he was still very much in puppy mode and when I say puppy mode I mean destruction mode. 

I was unable to walk both dogs together as Ralph would pull in one direction and Lilly the other.  After working with Sonia I learnt about crate time and being in control of the dogs when they were at home.  This really helped with Lilly's nuisance barking and Ralph's destructive behaviour. 

Ralph and Lilly weren't able to be walked together initially but after several months they actually walk nicely together and Ralph can be walked by my 4 year old son!

I would like to thank Sonia for all her work with Lilly and Ralph.

J. Horgan
Hamlyn Heights

We have a seven and a half year old Border Collie named Mischa.

Six months ago we moved from a one acre block in Batesford to a normal suburban block in Highton.  We were really concerned about leaving her all day in a much smaller yard whilst we were at work. Mischa I set about trying to find someone to walk her on the days that I worked.  I contacted the Highton Vet Clinic who strongly recommended Sonia from All 4 Paws.I contacted Sonia who came around to meet Mischa and myself and we organised for her to walk her three times a week.

Sonia is great, she has taught Mischa to walk in a more structured and disciplined way which has made our walks with her so much more enjoyable.  She initially started walking Mischa on her own and then started introducing Mischa to other dogs. Mischa now loves walking with her new friends.  This is great for Mischa as she doesn't normally get the chance to socialise with other dogs.

I then started talking to Sonia about some other behavioural concerns we had with Mischa. Mischa is a very anxious and stressed girl who is basically scared of just about everything.  We organised a behavioural consult between Sonia and our family where we learnt so much.

We thought we had done a good job of teaching Mischa the rules at our house but it turns out Mischa was making too many decisions herself which led her to believe she had to be the leader of the pack.  Sonia showed us how to rectify this problem amongst other things.

Sonia is always forthcoming with plenty of support and feedback and I always look forward to her daily facebook updates.

I would happily recommend Sonia's dog walking and behavioural training services to anyone.


Sonia has been walking Bailey regularly for around a year as I am often away for work.  Since beginning walks with Sonia there has been a huge improvement in Bailey's behaviour, as well as my own when we go for walks.

Bailey used to get very excited when other dogs were encountered during a walk and was quite a handful to control.  We are both now able to walk together much more relaxed after some training from Sonia and implementing the techniques she uses herself while walking Bailey.

A once stressful task has become something both Bailey and I look forward to, and continues to be more enjoyable all the time.  

Thanks Sonia!



I recently found myself thinking that my dog has a better social life than I do.

Holly heads out walking with Sonia three or four times a week. She has different friends to walk with on different days in varying places & they sometimes even stop for a coffee. I didn’t think my girl would ever be calm enough to do this, but apparently she behaves well.

We were lucky enough to find Sonia via her website a year ago and have been pleased with the service and care provided. Holly’s general behavior and interaction with other dogs has improved and she just loves Sonia’s company. 

I highly recommend ALL 4 PAWS to anyone needing this type of service. I always look forward to the Facebook updates to get a sneak peak into Holly’s day.


Puppy Murphy Our little man Murphy has been lucky enough to have been walked by Sonia since he was 3 months old. My husband and I often spend long days in Melbourne and we have great piece of mind knowing Murphy is being walked by someone who loves him almost as much as we do!

Our schedule is often unpredictable and Sonia will always go out of her way to accommodate us. The change is Murphys walking and socialisation has been fantastic and we look forward to the regular 'walk reports' we receive. We feel fortunate to have someone with the expert skills of a dog trainer walking Murphy every week.  

Thanks Sonia!


Sonia has been walking Riley and Phoebe for over 12 months.  I decided that I needed to get someone in to walk my dogs as working in Melbourne, time and weather did not always allow for me to take them myself.  There were also issues with both dogs that I wanted to get under control.

Phoebe + Riley I decided after researching services in the area that Sonia was not only providing a walking service but also having the ability to assist with behavioural issues.  From the first visit I booked her walking service but also individual training for the dogs and me!

The dogs have come a long way since then.  Riley has settled down considerably making walking with him much easier and he actually listens to me now!  Phoebe was an extremely timid dog because of her bad start to life but she has now gained a confidence that I did not think that she would have.

Working with Sonia and the advice she has given me has made a world of difference to my dogs.  I am very thankful and I know that they love their outings with her.

Debbie V    
Waurn Ponds


Muffin again

Muffin, our very cute and loving 13 year old Jack Russell, has been walked by Sonia for over 12 months now. Sonia takes our energetic little girl for two walks a week to help us out on our longer days. Over the 12 months the change in Muffin has been quite incredible. She walks so much happier and calmer. Thanks to Sonia's hard work, our once socially challenged pup now interacts with dogs of all shapes and sizes and even has regular walking buddies!!

Sonia is a great communicator, keeps us in the loop with everything she does with Muffo and goes above and beyond to make sure her walks are done. Most importantly, Sonia has become far less of a walker for Muffin, and much more her friend. Sonia's interaction with dogs shows clearly her passion and her understanding of these animals and their behaviors. We trust her completely and we would never hesitate to recommend All 4 Paws to anyone!

Lynne and Clare Burns


Sienna in her chair

Sonia was very patient with Sienna on first meeting her as she was a timid puppy. Sonia did not force her to wear the lead until she was ready, finally gaining her full trust after 2‐3 walks. Sienna loves her walks, now, and becomes very excited when she knows that Sonia is at the door. I would not hesitate to recommend Sonia to anyone as she shows great skill and training ability whilst getting to know your pet. She is always in control of the situation but maintains a friendly rapport. 


Sonia has been walking my Beagle, Becky since 21 September 2010.  Becky has been very content since Sonia has been walking her for 45 minutes, three times a week.  This is due to the fact I can no longer walk her myself. Each morning when Becky is to be taken for her walk at 8.00am she is eagerly waiting at the front door for Sonia to come and is even more eager to go out and commence her walk.   

I am pleased Becky is so happy with these walks and I thank Sonia very much.


Rupert looking sweet and innocent

Four months ago I had an accident and found myself housebound and unable to walk my dog Rupert. Rupert has always loved his walks and needs regular exercise. Friends and family could only walk him occasionally and so I knew I needed to hire someone to help.


I set about looking for a dog walker. I found a few registered businesses and made some phone calls. Sonia of All 4 Paws had the most reasonable rates and sounded the friendliest. We organised a time for her to come to the house and meet Rupert and myself and discuss our needs. As soon as I met her I knew that she would be a great fit and Rupert took to her straight away. Rupert knows when she is due to come and he sits at the window and waits for her. As soon as he sees her car pull up out the front, he jumps with excitement.

Rupert - enjoying the sun

Sonia has been fantastic, she is friendly, reliable and great with Rupert. I would gladly recommend her to anyone in need of a dog walker.

S. Lockyer
East Geelong


Sonia has been walking our Boxer Maurice for over 12 months and we highly recommend her services. She is very trustworthy and reliable and really understands dogs and their (mis)behaviours, and is always more than happy to provide advice. Most importantly, Maurice loves her and looks forward to his twice weekly walks, which are done in a disciplined and structured way. This has considerably improved his behaviour on the lead!

A & A McKenzie
Geelong West