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2014 Testimonials

I met Sonia a few months ago when I bought a new kitten home to my 5 year old vizsla. I couldn't have the dog in the same room as the cat, she would freeze, drool and I could not break her attention. If the cat came close she would snap. Sonia came for a home session and I got so much more out of it than I thought I would. I learnt about my dogs behaviours and what they meant and dominant traits I didn't realise were dominance and not affection. She also had her walking nicely on the lead in one session!

I have a completely different dog now and can not speak highly enough of Sonia! She is also available for advice over the phone whenever I need her, and I have just started beginners obedience again for a refresher.

B. Lamden


We first met Sonia when Suvi, our 7 month old Kelpie had decided she should be in charge of our household and our older dog Cody, he is 10, went along with this! A friend of mine had recommended Sonia to us.

Sonia did an initial consultation at our house and within minutes had recognised Suvi’s behaviour traits. She explained the reasons behind Suvi’s behaviour and then showed us what we should be doing with Suvi. From that moment Suvi’s behaviour improved, she seemed to calm down a lot and became more respectful. She still has her moments, but generally responds very quickly to commands.

Both Suvi and Cody sleep in their crates at night. They happily go in and sleep there all night. They both have mats to sit on in the house and Suvi goes straight to hers when told.

Sonia has an amazing knowledge of dog behaviour and taught us how to manage Suvi so both she and us have a better quality of life.

A. Tolley

Bringing a beautiful 8 week old Kelpie into a home from GAWS was and is a blessing. 
 Puppy school was not enough education for me as an owner and I felt I wanted to learn more as to how to give my dog Chet a great lifetime.

I had surgery after 4 weeks of having Chet in our home and it enabled me to watch her grow closely in the home environment. 
When I recovered I would often take her to the farm I grew up on and was embarrassed at the comments from family and friends regarding her barking/mischievous behaviour. 
I really took it to heart and begun researching further dog schools and trainers  and I came across Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS. 
I emailed her my details, had a warming response and booked a consultation. 

An at home consultation was ideal.   Sonia meeting Chet and witnessing her behaviours in the home and how she responded to me enabled Sonia to advise what was best for our lifestyle. 
Her knowledge,

hands-on approach instantly lifting my spirits above and beyond my expectations.
 Encouraging me to be a leader, enforcing house manners and giving Chet the opportunity to be the best she can be by breaking up her day into blocks.
 Her techniques, training history and prices for classes, minimal equipment prove worth it. 

I am so pleased to have attended her obedience beginner and intermediate classes with Chet as they provided a social learning environment working alongside other breeds and owners that were all at different ages/progression levels.  Sonia managed to make each class fun, challenging but had such great individual focus on every owner and their dog. 

The best thing I learnt is that there is nothing wrong with the dogs and their behaviors, the handler has the reins! 
Thank you for making me and Chet aware, confident and proud!

E. Sinclair

Our 6 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy started to develop behavioral issues after being scared by a child.  A number of dog trainers diagnosed him as having dominance issues but after not seeing any improvement, we turned to Sonia for help.  She was the only trainer to correctly identify him as suffering anxiety.  Sonia used a number of techniques such as crate training and station training to teach us how to create a calm and safe environment for our dog.  In addition, she encouraged us to work with our vet to compliment her training techniques with medication that was right for our dog.  We now enjoy a calm, well-behaved, trustworthy and fun dog who is an integral part of our family. 

Sonia clearly loves the dogs she works with and she worked tirelessly with us to ensure that we got the results we needed. 

Thanks again Sonia. 

Best wishes

Anna B

I have had my german shepherd for just over a year now and over that time Sonia has been working exceedingly hard with me on the improvement of Jazz's behaviour towards other dogs and overall mental wellbeing.  Jazz was unfortunate to have a poor upbringing as a puppy which has lead to her having anxiety and not knowing how to socalise. 

Over the past year Sonia has been trying different approaches with Jazz to help settle her as well as going above and beyond by constantly following up on Jazz's progress during the weeks outside of classes and 1 on 1 sessions.  Her work with Jazz and I has been marvelous; the antisocial, frantic, anxious, and restless dog I once knew has changed in the last four months in leaps and bounds due to the persistent work and encouragement from Sonia. 

I recommend Sonia to anyone wishing to own a dog.