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2016 Testimonials

My first knowledge of Sonia and ALL 4 PAWS was seeing her and David (Husband) walking along the river with multiple dogs between them.  All walking so calmly. I was walking my super energised 5 month Schnoodle 'Missy'.  She was a nightmare to walk pulling and leaping around much of the time. I stood and watched them pass by and a seed was planted. I realised I couldn't keep doing the same thing with Missy and expect miraculously to get a different result!

Within a few days I 'googled' ALL 4 PAWS, thanks for having it so clearly on your shirt Sonia!)

Having emailed Sonia she responded promptly and we arranged a 1-1 consult at our home.

structure, crating and stationing on a mat was a light bulb moment for my husband and I.  We understood then that we were not 'Pack Leaders' and Missy was in control much of the time. In fact most of the time! Sonia was able to demonstrate simply to us how to put her education into action over a 2 hour consultation.

So, armed with this new insight (and written notes for those of us that forget) we committed to continuing what Sonia had taught us. 

Sonia's follow up has been excellent and she is always able to help sort out our doubts and questions.

Missy and I have since gone on to do Beginners classes to continue our education. (Missy's and mine)

I can't recommend ALL 4 PAWS highly enough. My husband and I are more relaxed and on the same page. And, we now have a calmer and happier dog.

Thank you Sonia.

Anne Shute


After getting off to a good start in the first few months of having Lola we seemed to lose our way between the age of 4 months and 8 months.  Initially we had crated her very regularly as she was a little puppy and got tired easily. As she grew and became more energetic we gave her more outside time as we thought she would enjoy this and only crated her overnight.   At times we let Lola walk around the house off the lead.  Throughout this time Lola became progressively harder to manage, often being very unsettled, urinating on our deck and we started to question whether we had made the right decision in getting a dog.  We are first time dog owners and simply thought this is the way some dogs are.

Fortunately we were still attending classes with Sonia and she picked up that things weren’t right with Lola’s behaviour.  After some in depth discussion with Sonia it became very apparent that our lack of daytime structure was the cause of Lola’s poor behaviour.  Sonia gave us a lot of really great advice to address this but it required commitment from not only myself but also my wife and kids.  As we were all at the point of desperation we all agreed to Sonia’s recommendations around structure.  This included crating during the day as well as other obedience techniques.  Within 2-3 days of complete commitment we started to see a dramatic improvement in Lola’s behaviour.  She was far less erratic and anxious and for the first time was really calm in the evenings.  Lola also appeared to be a much happier dog.  We have kept up the structure over the past 3 months and Lola has continued to improve. She is an absolute delight to have as part of our family and we can’t imagine not having her. She never wees on the deck now, always lets us know when she needs to go to the toilet if inside, no longer digs holes in the garden and sleeps soundly from 10:00pm at night to 8:00am in the morning.

I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone who is having issues with their dog.  Sonia is always so generous and honest with her advice and I really appreciate the difference this has made to Lola (and our lives!).



I have struggled to train my adopted 14 month Border Collie for 3 months.  The main issues were pulling on the leash and aggressive behaviour towards other dogs.  All the advice and training I was getting from the instructors at the classes Maggie and I attended wasn'thelping.  One consultation with Sonia has put me on the right track.

I now have a clear understanding of how to put into place a daily structure which includes crating, and focus training to teach walking ona loose lead.

In only 2 weeks I have  a calmer and better behaved dog who can stay stationed on her mat in the house.Sonia has been very supportive with ongoing advice. It's early days but I'm looking forwardto owning a well behaved happy dog . I' now enjoying my new found doggy friend.

Waurn Ponds 

Why we decided to Crate :

My decision to crate. There was a lot to love about my Irish Setter Finigan, but he always suffered with huge anxiety problems which led to being at times aggressive, destructive and over protective. After a consult with Sonia it was suggested that crating him would be of benefit. I was always so against crating and made my point very clear. Sonia gave me a demonstration, putting Fin in a crate and almost immediately he calmed down, so I gave it a go. Two years down the track I now have a relaxed easy going Irish Setter who I can even let off leash on the beach with confidence (thank you Sonia)

We crate when we go out and at night, Finigan obviously feels very safe and secure in his crate because cannot wait to go in. The change is so enormous that my son now crates his Irish Setter.

I only wish I had know bout this years ago as it would have saved so much heart ache for Fin and myself. Crating has changed our lives. Any one out there who is doubtful about crating I would urge you to give it a go I believe you will be surprised at the difference it makes.

L. Hood 

We found Sonia through her website after searching for someone who was experienced and knowledgeable in understanding dog behaviour. At the time, we though only one of our dogs was suffering from anxiety however once Sonia came over and observed both dogs behvaiour she was quick to prove otherwise.

It was such a great thorough session with Sonia, from the moment she came in she began sharing her knowledge and modelling to us what we needed to do with both dogs to put an end to both dogs anxiety and bahavioural issues we were seeing. The change was immediate and only continued to grow in the weeks following. Sonia identified the problem quickly and gave us many different strategies to help change the behaviour for much calmer, relaxed dogs!

We’ve kept up the things she taught us and have used the knowledge she shared with us ever since. She comes highly recommended.

Katherine, James, Brian and Lexi.

We contacted Sonia to help us train our 4 year old staffy x kelpie. Our dog had several issues when meeting new dogs whilst out walking.

Sonia was great, very friendly and knowledgeable, very direct and gave easy instructions to follow. (Also loved the handouts so we could refer back to them later!)

Overall our girl has improved greatly, she is much more relaxed and easier to walk around the neighbourhood. We would highly recommend Sonia to anyone who needs help with training his or her dog.

Kirrilee & Nathan
Ocean Grove

We first met Sonia when our Maltese/Shihtzu (Molly) was 8 mths old.  I wish I had of known about Sonia earlier.  Molly was a very anxious girl.  We had already attended several puppy classes at a local vet with no improvement in Molly's anxiety, it was actually getting worse.  If we tried to take Molly for a walk she would become extremely anxious after only two houses, stop and fight to get home.  She was visibly distressed.  We were also having trouble managing Molly's behavior at home, she had the run of the house which I was not comfortable with, which meant she was spending most of her time outside.  This resulted in Molly not joining our family unit as we had hoped.

After our behavioral consult with Sonia things immediately improved, starting from that evening.  She taught us how to be a pack leader, what was exacerbating Molly's anxiety, and provided us with the knowledge of how routine will calm Molly's behavior.

From night one Molly was stationing on a mat with the kids playing around her.  She could now be involved as part of the family.  We can now go on walks around the entire block with Molly walking on the lead beside us, no pulling or fighting to get home.  

Sonia was available after the consult to contact with any queries to make sure we were continuing on the right path, or fine tune any of our skills.  She taught us the techniques we needed to have a happy, calm dog who can now participate in our family life.

Thank you Sonia

Wandana Heights


Sonia at ALL 4 PAWS was recommended to me by several work colleagues who had previously used her.  The behavioural consults and her training methods sounded like exactly what we needed for our new dog.  Gracie is a two year old greyhound which we adopted after she failed to make it in the racing world.  She was a timid girl and showed signs of separation anxiety and our family was unknowingly reinforcing her insecurities.

Sonia meet with our family and Gracie in the security of her home environment and over the two hour consult, educated us and then gave us practical lessons to support our new knowledge.  Sonia's method of training is direct, attainable and realistic all while being backed with a sound knowledge base.  Sonia also offers ongoing training in a purpose built facility which is a perfect follow on from the initial consult.  

I would recommend Sonia to anyone needing help with their dogs, both young and old.  In the space of one week we have a very settled, happy and relaxed dog.  Sonia's behavioural consult has been the best thing we could have done to lay solid foundations for our dog.  We now have a great solid basis to continue our training.

Thanks sonia, we cant wait to see our girl develop further and look forward to further training with you.

Jacqui and Gracie

I would highly recommend Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS for a behavioural consult! It was a conversation/session that was much needed in our household.

For many years Brendan and I have been the lucky owners of a beautiful Kelpie boy called Billy who we have had since a puppy.  He is a darling boy who we considered had learnt many excellent skills and behaviours.  Although at times, he would pull on the lead or show some anxiety for example, visiting the vets we believed all in all we handled him well as he appeared overall, happy. 

Enter Nyla, our gorgeous rescue Kelpie cross girl.  We adopted her from Herds 2 Home and she came to us at around 10 months of age.  We wanted Billy to have company and knowing he enjoyed being around other dogs, we thought a little girl would be the perfect fit.  Nyla instantly changed the dynamics of the routines and boundaries we had in place.  We knew very little about her background other than she was mistreated.  She came to us toilet trained but with very limited skills.  She was a happy girl but it became really obvious that minimal time if any, had been put into developing her skills or appropriate behaviours. 

Billy was happy with the new addition to our family BUT we were going mad! Walking two dogs became unenjoyable, feeding two dogs was hard work, there was no order to inside or outside time and the list goes on!

I randomly met Sonia at the vets.  She could see that I was having difficulty ‘coaxing’ Billy in to have his yearly vaccinations.  She kindly offered to help and took the reins.  Seeing is believing! From there, an exchange of business card and everything changed for the better.  Sonia visited our house for a behavioural consult within days of our first meeting.  She shared the theory behind why dogs do what they do as well as practical advice and demonstrations to improve both Billy and Nyla’s behaviours.  The biggest take away for us was that we were enabling our dog’s behaviours by the things that we were doing! Whoops.  It was also reinforced the importance around improving behaviour before focusing on skills.  A dog that can sit on command is fantastic but a dog who has good behaviours and sits on command is most impressive.

Since our behavioural consult, both Billy and Nyla have made enormous progress (as have Brendan and I!).  We have taken back control of the situation and as a result; walking is enjoyable, feeding is easy, inside time we have both dogs stationed on comfy mats and outside time is playtime for them.  They are happy and so are we!

Thank you Sonia! We appreciate the regular check ins and support you continue to provide.

Belinda & Brendan 

We would thoroughly recommend Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS who was recommended to us by one of her current clients.

Our little man Axel, a 6 month old Jack Russell was having all of the new puppy issues that we as a family were struggling to deal with.

Sonia, within minutes, of our arrival at her wonderful facility was able to achieve basic behavioral tasks that we were having no success with.

Since spending time with Sonia; both Axel and our family have learnt many strategies that enable us to handle our dog better and for the most part eliminate the issues which we were actually causing.

Once Sonia was able to identify our handling issues and we applied her methods, we saw immediate improvement in Axel’s behavior and we have learnt how to manage him with a better level of understanding. In fact, since spending time with Sonia, Axel is now able to socialize better with other dogs and walk quietly at heel, something we never thought would happen.

Thank you Sonia for all your time and guidance with Axel, we certainly look forward to seeing you again.

Kim, Shane, Cooper, Tarrant and Axel Evans

We were trained by Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS about 3 weeks ago and we are a much happier and contented family now.

We have two small dogs: dachshunds and they are now 15 months old. They are much loved and were disciplined but incorrectly and as a result were very naughty. They loved to chew which is ok if outside and a have a stick or bone but not our furniture. They barked a lot which was causing us and no doubt our neighbours grief and walking them was a marathon effort and a major chore.

We researched dog training and hoped to get some help in reducing barking and instructions for walking our pups to the enjoyment of all.

So intro Sonia into ours and Harriet and Oscar’s lives. Positive, strong, determined and friendly.

Sonia spoke of her experiences and her skills and knowledge of dogs and their behaviours which she has gained over the years and all her instruction and explanations were backed by good insight and knowledge of dogs’ and their behaviour. We then understood why Harriet and Oscar were doing what they did, they weren’t really naughty but just trying to lead the pack – us.

Our dogs are now crated at night, have mats to go to when in the house and do not have the run of the house. They also have a penned area out the back which reduces the large back yard that they were trying to patrol. And walking is a pleasure and they look very cute when walking neatly and calmly by our sides.

They still get up on the couch with us but only when we ask them to and they still come up on our bed in the morning only when we ask them to. They still try to push the boundaries sometimes but we just reinforce what we have been taught.

Our life, and more importantly, our dog’s lives are much calmer and more settled and we are enjoying each other’s company so much more.

I have already recommended ALL 4 PAWS to some friends and colleagues and do so here to anyone out there who has a dog and is having difficulty with unwanted and challenging behaviours.

Sonia will help you, no, train you and you will teach your dog the right behaviour.

Of course you need to listen and to practice and maintain the boundaries you have implemented through Sonia’s tuition. And your behaviour management techniques need to be implemented and consistent with all members of the family.

Thank you Sonia, it was lovely to meet you and hope your business continues to thrive and the people you train are able to see the benefits of the skills, knowledge and wisdom you bring with you and share with them in the development of an improved relationship with their dogs.

Hiliary & Geraldine
St Leonards

I had a behavioural consult with Sonia with my 2 year old American Staffy. I found her so knowledgeable and practical.  He pick up on the practices immediately with Sonia, and then has followed through with improvements with us continuing the foundations that she laid for us.

I have complete confidence that we will achieve great outcomes with him through the consistent messages that we learnt. I greatly look forward with continuing to work with Sonia going forward.

J. Fenton

Pip Thank you to ALL 4 PAWS for the behavioural consultation I had with my new dog.

I acquired the 12 month old female Boxer Cross from the pound and she had quite a few behavioural issues such as; unable to walk on a lead, very timid and nervous urination.

As this was my first rescue dog I was unsure on a correct direction to take and the  best way to train her.

After just a couple of hours with Sonia from All4Paws, my dog and I were confident with a training schedule and had goals in place to further our relationship.

A couple of months later, I have a great running partner and quite a happy dog. We still have a little way to go before we reach our goals but I’m confident I have the tools to get there.

Thank you Sonia.

Nick and Pip

I am hugely grateful to Sonia for helping me out with my overly anxious/excitable Dobermann, Cassius.

Cassius is a 2¾ yo black/tan Dobie who has been brought up (from 8 weeks on) around my horses. For the first 1½ I had no problems with him around the horses, he ignored them and only got excited when they ran. I made sure that both he & my other Dobie, were never allowed to chase the horses in these scenarios and things were good until…….

My bay mare foaled on November 12th 2014 and gave birth to a beautiful palomino filly. For the first 4 weeks of her life, the Dobermanns did not even see her, and when I eventually brought them out, they were restrained in the car. As soon as Cassius saw the filly he reacted with excessive barking. For the next year I dealt with this as best I could, disciplining him in a variety of ways (I can tell you I thought many times of “shooting him if I’d only had a gun”) and just using avoidance, i.e. I just didn’t take him out to the horses. I seem to have no effect on his behaviour and it got to the ugly stage where he actually seemed to elevate to such a level I thought he would attack her if given the opportunity.

This is where Sonia came in. I’ve known Sonia for quite a while & she had helped me before with this particular dog & social skills. I’m a confident dog owner & I have trained many dominant dogs to be great companions but I was totally out of my depth with this anxious dog, he didn’t respond the same ways my dominant dogs of the past had.

It took Sonia to point out just how anxious & overwhelmed Cassius was by the palomino (yearling now) and the fact that he had been escalating his behaviour for a year now. I really wasn’t that confident we could change Cassius’s behaviour before we started.

The first session was long & exhausting for all of us (Sonia, Cassius & myself) except the yearling herself who is not at all disturbed by Cassius’s behaviour & readily eyeballed him. This was part of the problem, Cassius couldn’t deal with her eyeballing him & Sonia picked this up immediately.

Calmly, firmly & only using her voice to congratulate Cassius when he did well rather than to discipline him, Cassius eventually started to ignore the yearling. After the first session, Sonia was so sore in the arms from Cassius’s lunging at the yearling that she definitely wasn’t looking forward to working him again other than she had had some success.

With strict instructions to follow, the following days were mine to work Cassius the way Sonia wanted me to & I followed them to the letter. Cassius just got better and better, he lunged at the yearling less & stopped barking as soon as he saw her, instead choosing to ignore her.

Sonia came out twice more about 5 days apart & by the 3rd visit (14th day) Cassius was not lunging or barking at the yearling at all. We could walk him right up to her & he was choosing to ignore her, even whilst Sonia fed the yearling with Cassius on the lead; he just sat there.

Now, he is still a little anxious because he pants a little too much whilst he is close to the yearling but he has yet to pay any attention to her since Sonia’s last visit. He will lie down on his mat unrestrained & just ignore her. I cannot tell you all just how much this means to me, I am just so happy with Cassius’s progress & now I can enjoy having my dogs & horses together with me again. Don’t worry, I will always be cautious but I won’t stop working on Cassius either. It has made his life better, less anxiety for him & for me. J

Thank you Sonia, again!

To see how well Cassius did - check these videos out !

Deb Baumgartner