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2013 Testimonials

Thank goodness for Sonia!  Sonia was called to help us with a whole gamete of issues we were experiencing with our 14 month old moodle (maltese x poodle).  These issues included unruly walks, constant barking (day and night), occasional toileting inside the house, snappiness towards small children and aggression towards other dogs.Gorgeous Curly Five minutes into our consultation Sonia had ‘diagnosed’ what she believed was the cause of ALL of Curly’s very inappropriate behavioural issues; lack of structure and a very topsy turvy hierarchy. ‘A dog with no structure is like a child with no rules,’ these were her exact words. Sonia sprung into action and demonstrated some very strict and specific ways of managing Curly and his behaviours, some of which I was a tad sceptical about despite Sonia’s best explanations. In particular was the use of a crate at night time, for car travel and ‘rest time’ during the day. I’m surprised and pleased to report that Sonia was right and Curly does in fact LOVE his crate!

Within a week of implementing all of Sonia’s techniques we noticed profound changes in Curly’s behaviour. He became manageable and as strange as this sounds even seemed grateful for all the new rules. He is a MUCH calmer, relaxed and affectionate dog. He now hangs off my every word and instruction, very eager to please. We now enjoy our walks and he even comes running with me beside the pram! There is still a way to go with his interaction with other dogs but he has also made considerable progress. Dog training takes time, patience and someone like Sonia to point out all your (yes YOUR) faults and point you in the right direction. We have Sonia to thank for restoring peace to our household! 

Money well spent, thanks Sonia!

Amanda G.

When my friend told me about Sonia and the way she helped her with her dog I thought NO WAY it just doesn’t happen like that but we thought we have to try something . We have two dogs Nessa a 4 year old border collie and a 6 mth old jack russell Oi.  So l rang Sonia to arrange a time for a consultation. We were amazed at the things she could get the dogs to do in such a short time.

We thought (my husband and I) if we could just spend more quality time with our dogs we could get the improvement that we wanted and we could enjoy being with the dogs instead of it being such a chore.

Within days we saw a big change in them both in so many ways, It was amazing to be able to walk and play with them and be in control for a change.

It’s so relaxing to be able to let them inside on their mats and have ‘’chill out’’ time and are very impressed how quick they have learnt.

Sonia has kept in touch but her notes are good to have so you can make sure you are on the right track.

With Sonia’s help we now have two dogs that are controllable that we enjoy spending time with.  We couldn’t be happier with the progress of Nessa and Oi.    A big thank you to Sonia you are awesome.

Thanks again.

Tracey & Gordon

Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS has really helped us with our rescue dog called Breeze who is six years old and a Koolie. Breeze had no confidence or idea how to be in a family home, she was really unsure of everything around her as she was only familiar with being on a large property. For the first couple of weeks Breeze was beginning to escalate in destructive behaviors and Sonia showed us how to nip this in the bud. Breeze has gained so much confidence and she now greets people and other dogs appropriately; Breeze is now behaving well at home and in the backyard.

Sonia showed us how to put simple, effective structure to use and also gave us the confidence to deal with a rescue dog. She is always on hand to give good advice and follows up on all clients. 

If you have any behavioral issues with your pets, I would highly recommend Sonia.

Mandy, Andrew and Charlotte Pridding
Waurn Ponds

Abbey We have a 14 month old English staffy cross boxer – I thought I was getting just an English staffy!  Anyway, 14 months on and my little (big) girl, Abbey, is 30kg, double the size I thought, strong and very excitable! I was having trouble controlling her and becoming very anxious myself.  I found Sonia via the internet and called her to discuss things.  Sonia spent an initial 40 minutes on the phone with me listening to my concerns and discussing them with me.  We made a time for Sonia to come and meet Abbey (and me and my hubby) to train us all!

Money and time well spent.  Sonia talked us through dog behaviours and what we do as human that confuse our pets – and yes, loving them to death is not good (makes us feel better but can confuse the dog).  Abbey loves to meet people and other dogs but she gets so excited (and some low levels of anxiety) that she jumps up - with her size and strength, she can easily knock you over unintentionally and we are concerned that she might hurt someone.  I had been using a harness for walking Abbey and she constantly pulled and I had trouble controlling her when she got excited.  Sonia suggested using a slip collar, as a harness is generally used for dogs to pull things, so naturally Abbey would pull. The first time I used the slip collar to walk Abbey she got excited at seeing another dog, I used the quick check with the collar and only had to do that twice before she got the message and settled down.  I now put Abbey on collar every time she meets new people or dogs and get her to calm down before everyone says hello to her.

The mat training is great.  Abbey knows that when she is inside she must be on her mat or she goes outside - she learnt very quickly to sit and stay on her mat.  We are yet to do crate training. I am much more confident in how I handle and relate to Abbey – I am the ‘leader of pack’ and she is always looking at me for the direction.  We enjoy our walks together and I feel confident that I can control her when she gets too excited, although she still has a long way to go to be off the lead!

Sonia has constantly followed up with us to ensure that all is going okay and reminded me that I need to be consistent in what I do.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sonia or getting her back in the future if I needed. 

Many many thanks to Sonia as I now enjoy my little (big) girl and I am not anxious!

Ocean Grove 

Oscar on his mat  I first came across Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS on Facebook and saw all her fantastic work she was doing with dogs in The Geelong area. My beautiful boys name is Oscar and I adopted him from GAR in November 2012 he was three and a half and very well mannered but because my husband and myself felt sorry for him we allowed Oscar the full reign of the house. When you adopt an animal and you are not too sure where they have come from and what their up bringing was like spoiling them is very easy. He is such great company.

Oscar and his mickey mouse
I asked Sonia to come and do a one-on-one consultation with Oscar and myself.  It was the best thing I have ever done.  I realised that it's all a bit of common sense and now I find just the smallest of things are easy to overcome, even getting out the front door is easy now HaHa!!  Sonia still often messages me to see how we are going, which is wonderful.  I loved that all the products she recommends she sells and has on board so you can start training as soon as she leaves. The dog crate has been a life saver as Oscar loves to be around us even when we have visitors but I can put him in there and he is not a bother to anyone but he still feels he is with us. Oscar still wants to talk to every dog on our walks but he is getting better all the time.

I would recommend Sonia to any one and I am looking forward to the adult dog classes she is thinking of running.

Leeanne Trethowan



We have a 10 month old pure bred heeler who we have had for 3 months. A few weeks after we bought Daisy home she started to snap at people and was becoming very territorial. I spoke to Sonia on the phone at length and realised she could provide us with the help that we needed. Sonia came to our home and showed us the correct way to deal with Daisy. I have always had dogs and believed I had a good basic knowledge but Sonia blew me away. Everything she taught us was simple and common sense (once you know it). We noticed an immediate change in Daisy after Sonia consulted with us. Best time and money we have spent. Last week we tried to get Daisy on the treadmill with not great results! We had chatted with Sonia about it at our initial consult but the treadmill was put away so didn't worry about it. I contacted Sonia who came out and showed us how to do it properly! Tonight I put Daisy on treadmill with instant success. Very happy, relaxed dog.

Daisy on her mat

Sonia has so much knowledge, is calm but firm with Daisy and you can see the energy she exudes when around dogs. I cannot recommend Sonia highly enough. I have recommended her to friends already who are just as impressed as I was!

Thanks Sonia!!!

Pam Kinsey

Caddy + Toby - sightseeing

l, like so many dog owners, thought I had happy dogs.  I have two poodles, Toby, I bought as a puppy and he is now six years old. Caddy joined us two years later as an eight month old pup and is now four. I work fulltime and my two poodles are my companions, who I must admit had my undivided attention. They would jump up on my couch at will, follow me around the house, and end the day sleeping on my bed. They had the run of the house when I was home, and were confined to the laundry and small courtyard via a doggy door when I
was at work.

As I mentioned earlier, I thought they were happy dogs, but in mid-2012, I noticed scratch marks on the laundry door, which became more numerous over time and resulted in an actual hole in my door. What was going on while I was at work? and, who was the culprit? I recorded what was going on. I was absolutely horrified to discover that my two boys were crying and scratching from the time I left work until I returned.  Their cries sounded so distressed, which really upset me, and more importantly I couldn't let this behaviour continue for their sake. I really needed help and I found Sonia.

She came to my home, listened to how I described my boys and my concerns. Taking this into consideration and observing my boys, she felt that separation anxiety was the basis for their distress, and that Caddy was highly strung, and Toby being older was quite intelligent, set in his ways and stubborn, and that they each had very different personalities. I must admit I did agree with her observations. Anxiety is a tough nut to crack, but Sonia was confident that adding overall structure for the boys would help in managing their underlying separation anxiety.

Caddy + Toby on their mats Caddy + Toby - crates

So structure was the focus. In the initial consultation Sonia immediately set about organising the foundation of this structure for me. She introduced my boys to a station mat and soft kennel (den). I was amazed at how she did this during her consultation with such knowledge and patience, both Toby and Caddy were happy to eventually sit on the mat and then tentatively but happily hop into the den. Thankfully Sonia was able to supply these items at the end of the consult, which meant I could start with bringing structure into my boys' lives straight away. Also, to my total amazement, within 10 minutes she got Toby to walk up and down my spiral staircase, which he was terrified of - I'd been carrying 8kg Toby up and down those stairs for 3 years !!!

Well we haven't looked back. Along with the above, Sonia provided some reminder sheets that contained other tips and advice.  Toby and Caddy no longer jump all over my couch or my visitors, they no longer barge past me to get out the door first, pull my arm off when we walk, or dive into their food bowl before it's even hit the floor.  As for the crying when I leave?  What used to go for hours has now been reduced to mere minutes, if at all. Truly amazing !!!

Four months after Sonia's initial consult I also now have two very much calmer poodles who amaze me daily with their improvement - not that they were ever bad, just different to now. We have had the odd setback when Toby or Caddy try to challenge the changes (trying to break habits formed over 6 and 4 years!!) but patience, perseverance and consistency see us back on track.  They love their mats and crates.  They are happily back in the laundry but instead of a door shutting them out, I put in a  childs safety gate - so they can see into my unit and not feel confined.

Its taken time, tweaking along the way when the boys had setbacks, and we are still a work in progress, but we've come such a very long way.  Thank you so much Sonia for your help, knowledge, tips and advice. To anyone reading this, if you have a problem with your four-legged friend, don't hesitate in contacting Sonia for a one-on-one consultation.

It won't happen overnight but it will happen !!!

Karen, Toby & Caddy