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2012 Testimonials

Marley + Scooter
Sonia came to our rescue when we had run out of ideas on how to deal with our 1 year old Maltese x Shih Tzu dogs 'Marley' and 'Scooter'. We had done puppy school and read all the books but the dogs were still pulling on the lead making it an almost unbearable experience to take them for a walk. We have never owned dogs before and felt that we needed some personalised assistance. We therefore called Sonia and she came to see us almost immediately. Sonia professionally assessed both dogs (and our family!) and advised that we were doing things about 60% right, but there were gaping holes!

Sonia showed us various methods of how to deal with the dogs and recommended equipment we could use. It is obviously an ongoing progress but from the moment we started putting Sonia's suggestions into practice, we noticed a difference. We have taken on a more assertive leadership role when dealing with the dogs and they are much calmer. Walking them is getting better and more fun and the dogs are doing really well now.

We highly recommend Sonia. She is professional, competent, kind and knows her stuff!

Bec & Paul C


I found Sonia's details when I was having a massage at a clinic in Newtown. She was highly recommended by my massage therapist. I got in contact with Sonia immediately and asked for a helping hand. Within a day Sonia had made time to see me. My doberman Kimba, was stolen for approximately 11 months and during that time developed some behavioural issues. I was having some trouble keeping Kimba under control in the house but also outside on walks at the beach etc.

Sonia was amazing!!! We had a 3 hour consultation that was extremely helpful. It provided me with help in regards to developing structure, consistency and taking back control.

Kimba has improved in leaps and bounds since meeting with Sonia. Sonia's knowledge and passion shows immediately and her love for dogs is what impressed me most. I actually referred to Sonia as the female version of Cesar Milan.

Thanks again for helping me!!!

Jeremy Meehan


We adopted Jemima, our beautiful 11 month old Dalmatian, when she was 9 months old. Jemima came to us with the knowledge of how to “sit” and that was it! Dalmatians are a very loving and affectionate breed, but they are also very strong willed and shall we say, slightly exuberant and in need of a lot of exercise. We knew this from having had 2 Dalmatians in the past, but with Jemima she had received no structure from the beginning so was a bit of a handful to say the least. Walks were not enjoyable and our evenings were spent letting her in and out of the house (at her request) and cleaning up “accidents”. I was getting extremely frustrated and agitated so decided I needed to call for help.

Sonia spent nearly 3 hours with us and left us with clear guidelines on what needed to be done. Sonia also got to the root of the problem, me! The more agitated and frustrated I became the more hyped up Jemima got. With clear guidance on how to respond (or not) to what Jemima was doing has made a huge difference. Whilst Jemima is still full of energy, she is a much calmer dog now, as are we. She sleeps in her crate at night (something I was not a fan of before) and we no longer have “accidents” inside. I get to go through doors first, she settles on her mat (most of the time), and is now a pleasure to take on a walk. Having said that we are still a work in progress, but a strong foundation is being laid that Jemima and I will build on together.

Without Sonia’s help we would have continued to struggle and get increasingly frustrated. The follow-up notes and phone contact are also a clear reminder of what you need to focus on. Puppies are there to be loved and enjoyed, something Sonia has made possible for us to do.

Lynn Mann

I met Sonia approximately 12 months ago and expressed some concerns regarding my American Bulldog pup Axel. I enlisted her help 5 months ago to deal with dog aggression issues. Axel had not been in any fights but was attacked at 4 months old. His demeanour towards strange dogs including lunging and body posture lead me to believe there was a strong possibility that he could attack a dog if given the chance. I had never had to deal with a dog with these traits before and I felt at a loss as to the best way to deal with the problems.

Sonia and I sat down for a consultation and she was able to identify several key areas and helped me with certain measures I could put in place to develop more structure in the home and while walking. Sonia forwarded me written notes so I could reference the things we had discussed as needed.

We’ve worked consistently for the last few months and have definitely had some positive results both at home and the outside world. A highlight was seeing Axel playing with three dogs in my backyard and it was funny how the smallest dog, Sonia’s Maltese Shitzu was the boss.

Sonia consistently had a very positive and enthusiastic attitude and Axel loved the time he spent with her. Even though Axel's not 100% there, I feel Sonia has given me the tools to continue to move forward to having a happier and more balanced dog.

I thank Sonia and her husband David for all their support and guidance with Axel. It is also great that I can contact Sonia in the future with any concerns.

Suzy D'Andrea


I stumbled across Sonia's website 'ALL 4 PAWS' in a time of desperation and Sonia was at my door the very next day. I was so glad to see her. She spent 2 hours with me and my puppy and we both learnt invaluable lessons. The knowledge she imparted is continuing to make a difference to the newest member of the family. She followed up with notes, which I am constantly referring to and she still emails me to make sure we're doing okay.

Sonia is worth her weight in gold. Her knowledge is extensive and her support is prompt and invaluable. I would highly recommend her to any dog owners that have particular issues or who just need a little guidance. I am yet to use the her walking service, but will in the future with confidence that my precious puppy is in good hands.



When Ted (our pug puppy) was little we took him along to puppy school which was predominately about socialising the puppies. As he reached his teenage phase we found the whole family getting annoyed when he was ‘naughty’ and we weren’t enjoying him as we should. I enquired about obedience classes but really wanted training that was specific to our needs at a time that suited us. I also wanted the whole family to be involved in the training sessions, as it was us that needed training as much as Ted on how to improve his behaviour.
I saw a pamphlet for ALL 4 PAWS and phoned Sonia to find out about her training; it was exactly what I had in mind.

Sonia immediately identified with and addressed the main concerns we had with Ted. She came to our house and could see the issues we were having, in fact Ted performed most of the bad behaviors on cue for Sonia to witness. She made us understand how we needed to communicate what we wanted to our dog (Ted). She then showed us how to apply what she had explained and we couldn’t believe how Ted responded. We have seen immediate improvements such as using a mat that he now sits on, a crate that he actually likes and uses as a den, he waits to be given the OK before he goes to his bowl to eat his food (which I thought would never happen knowing his love for his food) and walks are now a pleasure.

There was so much to remember but Sonia dropped off written notes to reinforce what she had told us and she also responded and helped me out when I had questions a few days later.

I am grateful we found Sonia and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone and everyone with a dog who needs obedience training.

Thanks Sonia (from all the family – including Ted)

Tracey & Mark


Our 2 year old female Staffie Tara is our pride & joy. She follows us everywhere and enjoys playing with other dogs. Unfortunately being spoilt rotten she started to think she was the pack leader and became very difficult for me to walk her due to her constant pulling on the lead. This was brought to my attention when Sonia came in and fed and walked Tara while we were away for two weeks.

Not being a Staffie lover in the past Sonia confessed she had become quite attached to Tara and was able to study her behaviors over the two weeks. Sonia said she had no issues with Tara pulling on the lead so we soon realized the problem was me!


Sonia worked with both my husband and I teaching us how the dog thinks and implemented strategies to take back our role of being the ‘Pack Leader’. This knowledge has made a huge difference to our relationship with Tara and she is now a pleasure to walk. The next step is her ball obsession.

Thanks Sonia.

Pete & Deb

Snoop’s doing really well so far, he understood the concept of his mat extremely quickly and is happy to go to it and (mostly) stay there while we go about our business around the house. We’re doing the focus exercise at the start of walks and also throughout the walk if he needs it, but for the most part he’s not pulling at all on the lead… until we see another dog; that’ll be the challenge for when we get back from overseas!
It’s disappointing to now be going overseas for five weeks and knowing that we’ll need to start again when we get back, but I think we’ve got a good basis now and can see that he is capable of learning quite quickly, as long as he’s calm to start with!


Knowing you are nearby and willing to help us out if we’re having any problems is really reassuring though. Your calm presence, knowledge and ability to pinpoint Snoop’s issues were great for us to learn from and have obviously helped Snoop as well.

Thanks so much!

Fiona Finlayson
South Geelong

We adopted Arnie, a 9 year old Labrador X, in early August. Sonia has helped us settle Arnie into our home and provided invaluable assistance in dealing with his neediness and anxiety (as a result of Arnie living in numerous homes over the past few years).

Sonia worked with Arnie (and us) on his ongoing behavioral issues (particularly his pulling while walking and fear aggression toward other dogs) during an intensive behavioral session. This was fantastic and the results were evident immediately. Arnie is continuing to get more settled and his behavioral issues have reduced substantially. We are continuing to follow the advice provided by Sonia and are confident that Arnie's behavioral issues will not be an issue in the future.

Sonia also helps us walk Arnie on days that we are out of town and this is great because Arnie gets the consistency of us (and Sonia) all walking him the same way and, most importantly, Arnie loves it.


Since the initial consultation that Sonia provided for Arnie, Sonia has further assisted us in reducing Arnie's level of anxiety by recommending 'crate training'. Initially we were hesitant to try this method as we were not familiar with it but we trusted Sonia's expertise and judgement which has proved to be very beneficial for Arnie. Both Sonia and us persisted with the training and we have been surprised at the degree to which this method has resulted in immediate and significant improvements in Arnie's level of anxiety.

He is now reasonably happy to be left by himself for extended periods of time and our neighbours have commented that they do not hear Arnie barking during the day anymore. He is clearly a much more relaxed dog that does not bark when we leave the house. Sonia is now helping Arnie with his fear towards other dogs and he is doing well.

Lisa and Anthony
North Geelong

Big beautiful Brew

Walking Brew, our 5 year old 50+kg Rottweiler was a nightmare, even with a check chain! He would drag us having us run behind him, not enjoyable at all! That was until we met Sonia. WOW, 1 hour of training us, (the owners) and then 1 hour with our Rotti (Brew) he was a changed dog. Absolutely amazing, he now walks politely and obediently beside us.

We are in awe of Sonia, she is amazing, what we could not achieve in 5 years she solved in 2 hours. We are all happy now, including Brew.

Thank you so much Sonia.

Heather & Steve